News Brief December 2018

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The green transition is taking flight

We have waited a long time for the green transition to hit shipping and now it is spreading like rings in water. That is how Henrik Otto Jensen from the Niels Winther Group describes the situation in this edition of News Brief, and I agree. Sustainability will be a vital parameter for transport procurement in the future, and Grimaldi has just invested in new eco- and climate-friendly hybrid ships that we will also see in the Port of Esbjerg.

There is also plenty of green wind power on its way. When Horns Rev 3 opens next year, an additional 425,000 Danish households will have access to sustainable electricity. In one fell swoop, the offshore wind capacity will rise by 12% and over half of the Danish electricity supplies will then be generated by wind. This edition of News Brief takes you aboard the installation ship Brave Tern, which is in full swing with erecting the wind turbines.

Promising outlook for oil and gas

While the green transition in both shipping and our energy supplies is taking place in the years to come, we will still need a strong oil and gas industry. And now we can finally see clear signs that the increasing oil prices since 2016 are also making their mark on the order book in Esbjerg – even though the price of oil has dipped again in recent weeks. Here in this newsletter you can read how the companies Esvagt and NorSea have streamlined their organisations and are thinking smarter to cope with the new reality of a different oil price.

Anniversary year drawing to a close

With a promising outlook for the offshore industry and accelerating green investments in sustainable development, the Port of Esbjerg has a bright future here as the New Year approaches. On the other hand, Brexit is continuing to make waves. It is positive that the EU and the UK have reached agreement on a deal. Now we must trust the UK Parliament to sign that agreement so that we avoid a hard Brexit and instead have the two-year transition period outlined in the agreement.

Finally I wish to thank everyone for the enormous support the port has enjoyed during our anniversary year. The concert at the Concert Hall sold out in the blink of an eye, and all the events were treated to good attendance and support. It is clear that the residents of Esbjerg have taken the port into their hearts. I am pleased and proud of that.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ole Ingrisch,

Port Director

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